We challenge conventional thinking and methods. We do our own trading. The trading strategies we design come from our own work.

We go our own way, spending time with like-minded people. Fitting in and copying others does not appeal to us.

Lead by example. Trust but verify. Ask tough questions. Challenge conventional wisdom. Make mistakes. Admit to them. Pursue truth. Be relentless. Persistence trumps talent. Never quit. Do the work. Keep the wonder.

These habits course through our bloodstream. We believe they help us in our mission of delivering superior returns to our investors.

Melissinos Trading builds its formula on values and shapes it through experiences.

Survival first. Thrival second.

Our trading style is not for everyone. It’s for those with a deep commitment to discipline and patience. We encourage get-rich-quick artists to stay far far away from us. We like working with like-minded people with similar goals to ours and intend on investing with us for many years.

We keep our trading strategy simple and robust. We believe its core principles can be applied to all areas of life. We feel that if our strategy does not work outside of the markets then it will not work inside the markets.

Maintaining a flexible imagination helps us plan for the unexpected. It helps us follow trends without questioning or judging them. We believe anything is possible, so we prepare for rare events as best we can.

Here is a short list of lessons we have learned over the years:

– No trend lasts forever
– The unthinkable happens more often than not
– Success comes more from supportive relationships than from fancy formulas
– Clear expectations between managers and investors on risk and return offer a major advantage
– Risk does not equal volatility
– Highly robust trading systems generally produce highly volatile returns

We shield ourselves from distractions. We focus only on following our own strategy with absolute precision. No one trades their own account or invests in other funds. We invest the majority of our wealth in Melissinos’ programs.

Health and teamwork represent key ingredients for success.

All of the money in the world is worthless without emotional, mental and physical health to go along with it. Our trading system integrates and supports all of these facets of health. We believe success derives from clear intentions and healthy relationships. No one does it alone.

Our trading strategy, the Eupatrid Program (Greek for “well-ancestored”), is designed to measure and follow long-term price trends.

Generally, most of our profits come from a small number of large trends that we have position in. Large trends and opportunities do not come around all that often, so we spend most of our time protecting capital and waiting for large trends to develop.

Research helps us find the methods that work and do not work. After many hours of research and simulations, we created a system that works for us.

Eupatrid is built on strict rules that determine where to look for trends, when to participate, when to stay on the sidelines and how to manage risk. Rules help us organize our plan and allow us to focus on discipline, which is what we do best. Learn more about Eupatrid

Every endeavor includes periods of frustration and losses. Having launched our business in one of the worst environments for trends in the last 30 years, we understand the importance of fortitude and resilience.

We believe markets, and life itself, are based on trends. However, sometimes, markets can go through long periods of consolidation and generally produce losses for those who follow trends. While these can be frustrating times, they are a normal occurrence of markets.

During losing periods, we put extra emphasis on discipline and teamwork. It is during these times when people lose patience, perspective and abandon their plan – thus, sabotaging all of their hard work. It’s when the men are separated from the boys.

We use losing streaks to our advantage:

– Address parts of the trading system to improve or modify
– Communicate with our investors, reminding them that losses are part of the process
– Invest more of our own capital when possible. Why we invest in drawdowns.
– Test and reinforce our discipline of following the system

We are as careful in selecting our investors as we are in designing our trading strategy.

After working on Wall Street through the Financial Crisis, Michael decided to make local entrepreneurs and honest hard-working people the backbone of his client base. The profits we generate can change the lives of people with whom we interact and do business with every day.

Working for people with whom we have an emotional connection brings intense meaning to what we do. It gives us a heightened sense of responsibility. If we trade trends well, it helps our investors to send their kids to better schools, improve their standard of living and health, build or improve their own businesses and give back to great charities. Learn more about the charities we believe in.