Michael Covel Podcast

Michael speaks with best-selling author Michael Covel.

Zen Investing Podcast

Trend Following is a life philosophy, not just a trading strategy.

Radical Personal Finance

Trend Following & building an investment management firm from scratch.

Priorities of a Fund Manager (Guest article for CTA Expo)

Placing performance ahead of money-raising.

Chat With Traders

Mike’s conversation with Ed Seykota; trading is more than making money.

52 Traders

“Don’t think you have to win every day, week or month.” – MM

Trading Heroes Podcast

The path from Bear Stearns to the Trading Tribe to meeting the love of his life.

Affordable Losses

Take small losses more frequently, so you can avoid big ones in the future.

Gen Y Finance Guy

Intention = Result; Govopoly in the 39th Day; Daily Routine and more.

Stacking Benjamins

How does Trend Following work? How does Mike trade and protect his client’s money?.

Better System Trader

Michael discusses the three most important things that influence performance.

Early to Rise

Loosen the grip on your investments; let them grow into big winners.

Crude Oil: A Case Study

How we navigated the trends from 2011-2015.

Trend Following: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Drawdowns can provide excellent risk-reward opportunities.

Mel’s Role in Your Portfolio

Where do we fit in? How much to allocate? What role do we play?

Profiting in a Trending World

The story of how Michael Melissinos created his investment strategy.

Everything Moves

How adaptive investing principles can replace Buy and Hold.

The Eupatrid System

Michael Melissinos explains his trading methodology and how he got his start.