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Where Are Markets Headed?

Where we are might serve as a pretty good indicator of where we’re going. The trick is to actually observe what’s happening, not what’s being …

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My Forever Home

Nothing is forever. We all know it. Healthy and successful people prepare accordingly while others hope and wish for ideal. Trading preparation for hope is …

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Seeing is Believing

Changing someones mind with words doesn’t work. They need to see action. They need real life results. Nature requires us to adapt, but it’s funny …

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Investment vs. Exposure

One makes you feel cozy. The other makes you feel afraid. One makes you feel like you have control. The other makes you feel like …

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No Pressure to Grow

Making money in the markets is hard enough without the added pressure of bloated business costs. The most important thing we can do as managers …

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Last Year Doesn’t Matter

I’m a New York Giants fan. They over-achieved this season and made the playoffs, but were very much a mediocre team. A few bounces here …

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