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Harvest Season

Fall is here. Crops are ready to be harvested. All of the hard work farmers have done since the spring is about to pay off.  …

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Words Cannot Save You

When people get nervous they embrace many unhealthy remedies. They do all they can to avoid feeling nervous. In the markets, a popular remedy is …

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Bulls and Bears suffer from the same affliction — pareidolia. That is, seeing something, typically a pattern or image, that isn’t there. Examples of pareidolia: …

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"Like Kids"

I had never read Lord of the Flies, but recently I’ve been intrigued by the old classics, so I picked it up. Early in the …

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Make Room

Too much of one thing can ruin the whole thing. A chef must be mindful of the ingredients s/he uses so as to not overpower …

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Investing takes patience. And faith. Faith that opportunities will eventually come. From where? We don’t know. When? We don’t know that either. Many people, uncomfortable …

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